2017 Bike Shop Day

Bike Shop Day: December 9, 2017

Bike Shop Day serves to connect the independent bike shop and our community with food, drinks, events, rides, races (maybe), exclusive Bike Shop Day items and great free swag.

The idea was generated by

718 Employees

in November, 2017, and we just decided to run with it. We had 3 national publications do stories on the event, which helped other shops sigh on board

National Media Articles about Bike Shop Day

42 Bike Shop in the US, and 1 in Russia, participated in 2017 Bike Shop Day

Bike Shop Day 2017 Participating Bike Shops

At 718 Cyclery in Brooklyn, our Bike Shop Day began weeks ago with event planning, vendor and industry outreach, as well as

Prize Wheel


718 Cyclery Bike Shop Day

718 Cyclery Bike Shop Day Prize Wheel

Napa River Velo Bike Shop Day Ride

We were able to enlist some of our best vendors to get us stuff to put into our swag bags (for first 25 people through the door). Also, the first 25 people got a Bike Shop Day T-Shirt

Free BSD T-Shirt to first 25 people through the door

Swag bags filled with great surprises from our best vendors and partners

On Bike Shop Day, we opened the doors at 9am are were met by folks who were actually waiting in line.  The day was pretty brisk and busy, despite snow and below freezing temperatures. We saw a 345% increase in customers, and a 245% increase in sales over the same December Saturday in 2016.

The mood in the shop was festive, and we encountered many folks who say the value in shopping with a locally owned business.

Morning rush,

In addition to having a store-wide sale, we had a raffle as well as a prize wheel. We drew the raffle during our evening shop party (Bike Shop


Night) and broadcast via Facebook Live.

All in all, but this was a great day. We are looking to gather up media from our partner shops from around the country and put together some concise content that all bike shops can use to get ready for next year's event (12/1/18)

Bike Shop Day Industry Partners