Miles of Portraits

When @annalisavdbergh and @erikdoudsride their nearly 100-pound loaded bicycles, people ask them questions. A lot of questions. Across America and around Alaska, their bicycles have become the ultimate conversation starter and have introduced them to thousands of people. @milesofportraits is a magazine and film that captures their stories. Come watch the film and hear Annalisa and Erik, both type 1 diabetics, talk about these kind souls they met on their 1,000-mile bike trip around Alaska as well as their own story managing the disease out in the middle of nowhere.


On December 11th, Annalisa and Erik gave a presentation in the shop about their trip and projects. As Type 1 Diabetics, their trip to the interior of Alaska was made that more complicated.


They have produced a magazine and 3 episodes (out of 5) of their explorations, which really focus on the human interactions one encounters on a touring bike out in the wilderness.

Miles of Portraits: Trailer

Miles of Portraits: Episode 1

Miles of Portraits: Episode 2

Miles of Portraits: Episode 3

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