Summer Tour Preview


A few hundred miles north of Brooklyn, the Adirondack mountains await. A few hundred miles of riding up, through and down these mountains comprise 718 Cyclery's traditional summer bikepacking tour, now in its third year.

Located in northeastern NY, the Adirondacks are a ring of mountains borne of glacial deposits and ongoing geological evolution. In the late 19th century this region evolved into a blend of state park and forest preserve. Yet while there are far more trees than people to be seen here, many permanent settlements and campgrounds ring Adirondack Park's boundaries and dot the interior. 

The 718 Adirondack Park tour rolls for 8 days and 370 miles along the Adirondack Park loop. The tour is un-supported; each participant provides their own cycling and camping gear. However, the tour is supported in the sense that the group collectively works together towards achieving a goal and a rewarding, bonding experience. The ride itself provides a lifelong learning experience to cyclists of all levels as the varied terrain encourages the pursuit of efficiency in a cyclist's personal evolution. 

Each day of the tour ends at a secure and reserved campground offering swims, hikes, amenities and above all else a peaceful night's rest after a day in the saddle. The tour will often pass through towns where all supplies necessary can be acquired.  

The beautiful forest scenery, the wildlife and the mountain views at times are such that one is both awed and grateful that this other world exists in New York state.  The reward comes from the challenge of riding and camping over multiple days and miles. This ride changes lives. 

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