Kona Ride 2019

The Kona Ride event, held annually in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada serves to introduce Kona Dealers with the 2019 lineup.

It's a long day of travel....Uber to LaGuardia, 1-1/2 Flight to Toronto, 5 hour flight to Vancouver and finally a 1-1/2 hour bus ride to Squamish, but once here you realize how worth it the travel day was,

The first evening is spent settling in with dinner and getting re-acquainted with some old industry friends.

Day 2 is spent in morning presentations, then off to the trail riding the new 2019 bikes, and Day 3 is pretty much the same.

There are some great 2019 Konas that we are excited about, including the Libre, Rove ST, Sutra, Sutra LTD and the Dew.

Kona Ride 2018