2-Hour Rivendell Atlantis

Sometimes, in the winter, it can get a little lonesome at the shop. We keep the same hours year-round, but the staff gets spread out a little thinner, so consequently I have time in the shop on my own. Normally, that time is spent pounding away on the Microsoft Surface keyboard, but this morning was different.


We are incredibly fortunate enough to be one of only a handful of Rivendell dealers in the world. Working with Grant and Will, we brought in a number of frames last Fall as we dedicated a nice chuck of our showroom to all things Riv (Rivshop).

So, I grabbed a 56cm Atlantic frames off the wall, and built it up with parts we had in the shop.


I actually grabbed the 56cm because I knew it too 650b wheels, of which I had a pair that has been leaning up against my desk for weeks. the goal of this flash project was to use things we had around teh shop, and thing we can showcase for other builds.


After select wheels, I was on to the drivetrain. I knew I wanted to keep it at 9 speed in the rear, with as big a range as I could rustle up. I found a Deore Rear Derailleur and an 11034 cassette to fit the bill. For the crank, I had a few options, but decided on rocking the 1x9 with a SRAM GX 32t crank. This made my life simpler, not having to deal with the front derailleur and associated shifter.


I have wanted to put these Bullmouse bars on a floor bike, so on they went. I found an Alivio shifter, and some Tektro 720 cantis and short pull levers.


For tires, I unearthed some WTB Ranger 27.5 x 2.25’s from the basement, saddle was WTB Comfort and grip are standard issuer Oury’s.


Come by and take it for a spin, while its still here.