Moving to a 5-Day Work Week

For over 10 years, we have been open 7 days a week. We would close the shop for 3 days (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.


We have built a great brand over the years, but were starting to feel that being endlessly open was causing us to cast too big of a net. We are not a shop that trades in volume, we are about quality interaction and that person connection.

Going to a 5 Day work week gives the shop (and the crew) a chance to breath. It also improves staffing density and allow for growth and development planning to happen.

This isn’t a case of not having enough work, its a case of bringing in to much work. We are looking to control the narrative regarding the work we bring in, the adventures we go on and the quality of our work.

Its also taking a hard look at the thinking behind a revenue stream having to be tied to a brick-and-mortar situation…or not.


The initial thinking for this adjustment was given to me by Chris Kelly, who owns Topanga Creek Outpost in California. He is the only person I take advice from in the bike industry.

See you on Tuesday!