Working for a Discount

As we move more and more into the Outdoor Gear world, thee is no denying that REI’s 10% Dividend (aka discount) looms large for the smaller players in the retail world.

10% off for life for just showing up (and paying $50) is admittedly a pretty good deal, and one that we could never compete with head-on.


So, we though, what if you had to do a little work to get a discount? What if you had to dive into an actual adventure?

Sign up for one of our Tours or Micro-Tours, and you will receive a 15% one-use discount code that expires the night before that particular trip. Pretty simple and pretty sweet.

718 Outdoors has World Class brands, and offers the gear that we all use on our own trips. Stop by to check out the selection, and talk to actual people who use this actual gear on actual adventures.

Or, shop online.