Day Hike Report: Bull Hill


The first hike of the series was a success! All went as planned on Sunday with logistics and no one missed the train. Yay! After the train we walked a short twenty minutes through Cold Spring to the trail head. The start of the trail is all up but views made the quick elevation gain all worth it. We explored the trails, enjoyed the views, found some trail raspberries, chatted and took in the fresh air.

After summiting Bull Hill we made our way down the mountain and found a burned down and abandoned house known as the cornish estate (spooky, fun, exciting)! Once back in Cold Spring we treated ourselves to some icecream, questioned if we could swim in the Hudson (the internet says it's fine but I don't know if I can trust that. Someone tell me the truth!).


We caught the train back and were in the city by 5pm. Thanks for coming out to hike number one. If you are looking to get outside on a Sunday come join 718 for Harriman on the 28th!

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