718 Cyclery was founded in 2008, and continues to focus on building bikes WITH our customers.  Road, mountain, touring, commuter, Wind Cheetah.....if you have dreamed it up, we can build it with you. Our shop is a place of learning, where arrogance and attitude have no place (Shop Philosophy). We offer 3 Paths to getting your dream bike built.  Each path can be used to get an in-store Collaborative Build started, or to have us build you your dream bike with (free) shipping to the lower 48 of the United States.

Path 01 - Online Bike Builder


Welcome to 718 Cyclery's Online Bike Builder.  Upon submission, we will generate a full, interactive parts list (see example here) within 48 hours. We will then be able to work directly with you to further to arrange a Collaborative Build in-person, or get your bike built and shipped (free) to the Lower 48 States. No payment is collected upon submission, as this is the proverbial free estimate.

We are not a fulfillment or assembly center, we are a working bike shop.  We have many years of experience building hundreds of bikes collaboratively in our shop with our customers. As a matter of fact, the shop was founded on the concept of working directly with our customers. Building a project with us will involve as much interaction as you require.

Path 02 - Come On By

Want to talk it out first? Choose to schedule an appointment, either in-store or online/phone

Path 03 - Shoot Us An Email

Got a rough idea of concept and (maybe) budget?  Shoot us an email. An interactive parts list (see example here) will be developed within 48 hours.

Collaborative Build Background

Has your dad ever told you about the times he took apart the toaster or the family radio as a kid? In terms of consumer products, those days are long gone. If you even think about opening your I-Phone, you will void the warranty. Most products carry a warning about “no serviceable parts inside,” or are protected by fasteners that require security clearance and an expensive tool to loosen. Products are made so that replacement is far easier than repair. We just throw them away. The cool thing about bikes is that "all parts are serviceable."

As we all move towards becoming information workers, (folks who work at nice large firms, sit in front of a monitor or 2, and produce nothing you can touch), the desire to work with one's hands becomes magnified. It took me 13 years in front of that aforementioned monitor before I realized I needed to build with my hands again.

A Collaborative Build is us building a bike with you.