Rivendell Cheviot

Come by the shop to get your catalog

Come by the shop to get your catalog

First, a disclaimer.  All of the "Expert Description" about the frame below is lifted in its entirety from the 2018 Rivendell Catalog.  This document is one of the most amazing bike industry printed items I have ever seen (joining the 1993 and 1994 Bridgestone Catalogs. If you know what they are, you know what I mean.  If you don't, find one and you'll know what I mean). Come by the shop to get yours. I guess we could send you one for free if you pay for postage.


Cheviot Expert Description

The Cheviot ("chevy-uht"), named after the world's best sheep, is a Country Bike like Sam and Homer, but is easier to get on and off and stand over, because it has a diagatube instead of a top tube. The chainstays, longer than Sam's and Homer's, give the Cheviot a ride so smooth you could fall asleep on it.

It has a longer top tube than the equivalent-sized Sam and Homer, because we designed it for upright, swept-back handlebars, not drops.  The Billie Bar is perfect.

It's for commuting, shopping, touring and non-gonzo trail rides. The low step-over height means yoiu can ride a bigger frame than you'd ride on a Sam or Homer, and we encourage that.  Ride a 55cm Sam? Get a 60cm Cheviot with a bar and stem that feelgood and makes sense.  If your "boy bike" size is 51cm, you can easily ride a 55 Cheviot/

Most Cheviot riders already have a non-mixte, then they get a Cheviot and it ofter becomes their main bike. 

  • Frame, Fork, Headset, Bottom Bracket $1,400

  • Typical Complete Bike: $2,800

  • Size, Wheels: 50, 55 (650b); 60 (700c)

  • Color: Old Blue, Sage

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