Rivendell Clem Smith Jr.

Come by the shop to get your catalog

Come by the shop to get your catalog

First, a disclaimer.  All of the "Expert Description" about the frame below is lifted in its entirety from the 2018 Rivendell Catalog.  This document is one of the most amazing bike industry printed items I have ever seen (joining the 1993 and 1994 Bridgestone Catalogs. If you know what they are, you know what I mean.  If you don't, find one and you'll know what I mean). Come by the shop to get yours. I guess we could send you one for free if you pay for postage.


Clem Smith Jr. Expert Description

Clem Jr. is an upright, fat-tire bike with lots of braze-ons and nearly unlimited capability and comfort. Its teh world's best getaround-towner. a touring bike and a killer analog mountain bike.

It lacks the technologicial artillery of modern mountain bikes, but its no less able a mountain bike for it.

You can build it up from a frameset, but generally Clems come complete, with parts we picked out for you. We are careful picking, and Clem is the rare $1,600 bike with zero moanfully mediocre parts. We use the same parts on our way more expensive bikes and on our personal bikes, too.

Even though Clem, like the Roadini, is inexpensive for a Rivendell, it still gets our full shot of tedious, fanatical design and build quality. and a ride as good as any other bike in our line or the world. 

It comes in two styles; L, kind of a mixte; and H, with a top tube.

  • Frame, Fork, Headset, Bottom Bracket $900

  • Typical Complete Bike: $1,650

  • Size, Wheels: 45 (26 in); 52 (650b); 59 (700c)

  • Color: Dk. Silver, Bronzey Moss

Rivendell Clem Smith Jr

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