Cunningham Park

Queens NY

Trail Map

Cunningham Park Trail Map


A true local favorite, Cunningham is a fast, switchback heavy, log-over heaven. With recent storms there came a lot of hard clean up resulting in a few new technical features and cut outs. 

It has it all, for riders ranging from absolute beginners to skilled XC’ers in search of a challenge. The trails range from super fast XC, cramped and/or generous switchbacks, technical singletrack, rolling rock gardens and crazy log-overs. There is a center ring trail that is rated green for the first timers out on a MTB. That trail is smooth and wide. The clover leaf outskirt trials feature fast and fun singletrack. 

Unlike other NYC trails, Cunningham is flat. There is only one climb worth mentioning but is still trivial. The total elevation difference in the park is only 40 feet, making the trails perfect for single-speeders. Cunningham provides a great workout with constant speed-ups and slow-downs and short and sharp power climbs. 

Within the park are also 3 dirt jump "mini parks" for the free-riders. The only drawbacks in the past have been erosion due to snow and rainfall. Being in the center of a large metropolitan area means these trails see a lot of traffic, rain or shine. During these times, you will see a lot of eroded tracks and water pits. The guys at "CLIMB" work their hardest to keep it in top riding condition.

Need To Know

There are east/west sections of Cunningham. You can access the west section off of 73rd ave east of the hwy, but there is also an overpass just for the riders to access the west section from the east end. The official trailhead is at 67th ave and 210th st in Queens. Free street parking is available (and plentiful) on 210th st. You can also take the F train to the last Jamaica stop and ride from there.

History & Background

Cunningham was created in association with NYC Parks and CLIMB


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By Car-  Long Island Expressway (I-495) to Exit 27N to Clearview Expressway South (I-295). Immediately get off at Exit 3. Make left on 73rd Avenue, and another left on 210th Street. Trailhead 2 blocks down at the intersection of 210th Street and 67th Avenue.

Train information

NYC Subway: the closest NYC Subway station of the Jamaica/197th Street Stop on the F-train.  Its a 3 mile ride from subway station to trailhead (map)

You can also go to Jamaica Center/Parsons/Artcher at the end of the E, J and Z Subway. It's a 4.7 mile ride from the subway station to the trailhead (map)

Long Island Railroad: From the Jamaica Stop on the LIRR, it's a 4.7 mile ride from the subway station to the trailhead (map).

From the Queens Village LIRR stop, the ride to the trailhead is 2.7 miles (map)

From the Hollis LIRR stop, the ride to the trailhead is 3.0 miles (map)