Because of impending weather, Dirt Jam 2 has been cancelled for this May 6th.  We are working on a rain date.

718 Cyclery is proud to announce "Dirt Jam 2, The Wilderness Games" on May 6th, 2017 at Cunningham Park in Queens.  Loosely based on the Lumberjack Games, Dirt Jam 2 seeks to celebrate the great outdoors here in New York City in an inclusive and diverse atmosphere.

2016 Dirt Jam Report

May 6. 2017 Cunningham Park, Queens NYC

May 6. 2017 Cunningham Park, Queens NYC

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Event 1: Mountain Bike Race. A straight-up rip around Cunningham Park, nothing more, nothing less

Event 2: The Main Event. Racers dive into the woods for Lap 1.  Upon completion, riders are presented with 3 wilderness challenges that must be completed before the final lap of the race

  • Bike Frame Shot-put: for when throwing your bike over train yard fences is the best option.
  • Bow and Arrow Shoot Out: For when the dumpsters are empty on the TransAmerican highway (note, arrows will be of the Nerf/L.A.R.P variety)
  • Timed Trash Can Weenie Roast:  Just like it says...cook em' and eat em. This is a high speed hot dog decorating and devouring event. (there will be vegan options).

Dirt Jam 2 Archery Safety Check

After completion of the events, racers do a final lap.

Event 3: Fatbike Derby. Racers are assigned to a random team of 3, and assigned a random bike.  Then, its 3 laps with each rider taking a spin. 

Event 4: Youth Race. Kids rock

Prizes awarded for finishing place, as well as the best effort, best spirit, and DFL (Dead F%$cking Last")