Dynamo Systems

Nothing is more satisfying then generating electricity while you are pedaling. At 718, we are committed to the design and installation of these systems. From hubs, to lights, to device charging systems, 718 can connect you with the best dynamo products on the planet.

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A front dynamo hub generates electricity. Can be bought as a stock wheel or built into a custom wheel.


Front and rear lights get power from hub. Many have stand-by ability to stay on while stopped.


Working in conjunction with dynamo hub, these attachments allow for device charging.


There arer many ways to mount your lights (rack, fender, seatstay, handlebars, etc).

For more information and research, go on over to Dynamo.Bike (In-Progress)

Dynamo System Design

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Upon hitting "Submit", and 718 staffer will review your inquiry and get back to you regarding delivery (In-store build or shipping)