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Rock and Roll Trivia

718 is excited to host our first home-grown Rock and Roll Trivia Night (AKA “Night Moves”) this. Fun, drinks, food, music and prizes will abound.

Here is an example question. First person to get it right gets some “Night Moves” stickers mailed to them. See you Thursday!

In April 2018, a collection of doors from the storied Chelsea Hotel were put up for auction. The door to Jimi Hendrix's room sold for $16,250. Andy Warhol’s door sold for $65,625. Who's door was the most valuable, selling for $125,000

Categories include, but are not limited to:

  • Names That Dont Rock

  • Cat Scratch Fever (Use Of Cats In Rock)

  • The One and Only Billy Shears (Rock and Roll Conspiracies)

  • Whole Lotta Torb (Lyrics With The Word “Torb” Replacing Answer)

  • Runnin’ With the Devil (Van Halen Trivia)

  • The One and Only Billy Shears (Rock and Roll Conspiracies)

  • Sum of Its Parts (Super Groups)

  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (Hail Metal Bands)

  • Weak Link (Worst Member of a Band)

  • Bad Finger (Musicians With Less Than 10 Fingers)

  • Rock the Simpsons

  • Back in the NY Groove (NYC-Based Questions)

  • Positively 3rd Avenue (Brooklyn-based questions)

  • Rock Lit (Rock and Roll Literature and Biographies)

  • Didacts and Narpets (Prog Rock)

  • Fab 4



This class is worth 3 TorbCoins. More information about our TorbCoin Customer Reward Program here


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