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Day Hike: Bull Hill

Trip Description:

Drop your Sunday plans and come hike with us. Bull Hill Short Loop is a 4.3 mile hike starting with a steep incline to great views the hike then stays moderately flat and ends with a steady decline along a creek and ruins. This is a quick, challenging and rewarding hike that shows just how easy it is to step out of the city and onto the trails. You will see views of the Hudson River and Storm King Mountain and feel REALLY great about grabbing an ice cream, beer or snack in Cold Springs after climbing and descending this mountain. 

Check out our Day Hike Primer to find out what you need to bring


Travel and Logistics:

Get to Grand Central at 8:25am.Grab a $30 roundtrip ticketand meet at the clock kiosk. We will catch the 8:45am train on the Metro-North Hudson line to Cold Spring station. We will arrive to Cold Spring at 10:10am and walk 20 minutes to the Bull Hill trailhead. Make sure to bring a full water bottle and plenty of snacks. We will be providing a group medkit, sunscreen, bug spray and some hiking buds from your local bike adventure shop!



Hikes with Han! Hans been leading backpacking and day hikes for youth and adults for eight years. They’ve led a range of beginner to advanced trips in the Mt Rainier National Park in Washington, Sierra Nevada mountains, Colorado Rockies, Utah Canyonlands, San Bernardino Mountains, Hudson Highlands, and Catskill Mountains. Most recently they worked at NYC Outward Bound as a field instructor taking NYC youth on backpacking trips upstate. They aim to make the big outdoors more accessible and comfortable for all. Han’s Wilderness Advanced First Aid Certified (WAFA), fluent in maps, and ready to hang outside.



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