Floyd Bennett Trip

On this page, please find information for our trip to Floyd Bennett Field on June 5th and 6th, 2015.  Please contact us at info@718c.com with any questions. If you have not already registered for this (FREE) trip, please click below.


We will be leaving at 4pm from in front of 718 Cyclery (254 3rd Ave, Brooklyn) on Friday June 5th, 2015

Route map


  • Friday June 5th
  • 4:00pm Leave 718 Cyclery
  • 6:00pm Arrive Floyd Bennett Field
  • 7:00pm Prepare Campsite
  • 8:00pm Prepare Dinner
  • Saturday June 6th, 2015
  • 8:00am Breakfast
  • 9:00am Morning camping activities
  • 2:00pm Leave Campsite


Food: 718 will be providing food for dinner and something for a cold breakfast but feel free to bring snacks or homemade anything to share with your touring mates and the 718 mechanics (we have never met a cookie we don' like). For those who are getting used to new backpacking stoves, feel free to bring them, along with something to test your skills with. Just a word to the wise, Floyd Bennett is a dry campground. 


Archery, swimming

Packing List

  • Sleeping Bag and Pad: It should be pretty warm so feel free to bring your 45 degree bag. If you don't already have a bag, get a 20 degree bag (give or take 5 degrees) as it's considered to be the jack of all temperatures. For those on a budget or feeling adventurous, you'll can probably sneak by with a few warm blankets but remember they don't pack down very well. In addition to your bag, you'll also want to bring along an inflatable sleeping mat or foam roll. Not only will you sleep better, your mat is also an integral part of staying warm.

  • Shelter: Its going to be June in Queens. While its very likely were going to have 80 degree days and 60 degree nights, there is always a chance of rain or wind. A little rain won't scare us away, so bring a tent or bivy. If you have tent space to share make sure to let you friends know so they can carry their share of the tent (you carry the tent body, friend #2 carries the poles, #3-8 carries stakes, the rain fly, ect). For those feeling adventurous, you might get away with sleeping under the stars, but tents are just as much protection against bugs as from Summer showers.

  • Personals: Besides the obvious personal toiletry items (there will be bathrooms at Floyd Bennett) also feel free to bring along fire wood, swim suit, camp chairs, bows and arrows (we'll be camping a few sites away from the complementary archery range), bug spray, head light, multi-tool/flat tire kit, along with any gadgets or extra supplies you want to bring to try out. Remember, this trip is just as much about having a fun night out as it is a practice run for longer tours. Feel free to over pack just for the experience of riding fully loaded and packed to the brim. The distance is short enough that you probably won't need extensive padding/chamois but feel free to wear them if you have them.

Ordering Supplies and equipment

718 is a dealer for some major outdoor brands.  If you would like to order anything for our trip, please contact us at info@718c.com before May 29th. below are some examples. again please contact us with specific questions.

Sleeping Bag and Pads