(Page In=Progress) Bike Friday offers bikes that satisfy the 6 riding categories below.  Similar to the way we work at 718, Bike Friday bikes are custom built for/with you.  Have a look below and contact us at info@718c.com to get the process started

Since 1992, Bike Friday has served more than 20,000 customers as their Personal Factory. 

  •     We build your Bike Friday to fit your body.

  •     We build it to fit your specific needs.

  •     We build it to match your budget.

  •     We build it for performance.

  •     We build it in the USA.


  1. Riding in a relaxed, comfortable position
  2. Carrying gear on my bike
  3. Flying to distant lands to explore on my bike
  4. Riding a guided tour with an experienced company
  5. Embarking on an unsupported cycling adventure
  6. Quitting my job and riding around the world like Heinz Stucke


  1. Riding to work every day, and taking my bike into the office
  2. Cycling part way to work, then hopping onto a bus or train
  3. Pedaling up to the store, folding my bike, and taking it inside
  4. Folding my bike a few times every day
  5. Sneaking my bike into places I never imagined possible


  1. Riding fast and far with performance my priority
  2. Training for and completing a Century ride
  3. Joining my local roadie group rides without getting dropped
  4. Training for a triathlon
  5. Becoming the next Phil Liggett and ride epic Euro courses


  1. Enjoying rides where my significant other and I stay together
  2. Pedaling my son/daughter to school and back each day
  3. Traveling the world sharing the cycling with someone special
  4. Sitting on the back, enjoying while letting the driver do all the work.


  1. Get off pavement for Expedition touring
  2. Hit the local trails
  3. Ride an Urban Assault bike
  4. Have a frame to support heavy loads
  5. Enjoy the comfort of fat knobby tires


  1. Touring with a performance bike that fits someone  shorter than 5-foot-4.
  2. Road riding in style on a bike that fits someone shorter than 5-foot-4.
  3. Riding around on a performance bike built for Little People.