Our free classes are a big part of who we are. Bringing people in on "the secret" is our thing. These classes are based on an informal lecture style, with attendees gathered around our central workspace. Feel free to bring your bike... After class, please feel free to throw your bike up in the stand to discuss with our mechanics further. Classes do not need to be taken in order. 


  • Class 01: "Basic Maintenance and Flat Fixes". This class covers basic points of do-it-yourself maintenance to get you self-sufficient with you bike. In addition, this class can serve as a gateway to learning more about these great machines.

  • Class 02: "Brakes and Their Adjustments". This is the class to take if you want to get rid of that annoying rubbing sound. Braking systems, while plentiful, mainly follow the same few principals in terms of function and maintenance.

  • Class 03: "Gears and Derailleurs", Often a source of mystery and stress from cyclists, this class serves to show that these shifting systems are easily worked with and essentially the same cast of characters for many decades.

  • Class 04: "Bearing Adjustments and Wheel truing". Slightly more advanced, this class is a great finale for our Basic Maintenance Series of classes. This class covers bearing adjustments (hubs, bottom brackets and hubs), as well as wheel truing.

Winter Commuter

The staff at 718 will discuss winter gear and riding techniques that keeps they dry, warm and safe all winter long. All attendees get a 10% discount for in-store winter gear purchases on that night.

Free Hydraulic Brakes Class, INSTRUCTOR: AARON

This class covers set-up and bleed techniques for hydraulic brake systems

Hydraulic Brakes Class (Blog Post)

RideSafe Class (2 hours), INSTRUCTOR: joe

The goal of this hands-on class is to get the rider comfortable riding in the NYC streets, as well as getting familiar with the "rules of the road" and basic maintenance. Bring your bike and helmet,as we are going riding!

  • Rules of the Road. A review of the NYC Department of Transportation's published rules (download rules in advance here)

  • What to Wear: A discussion on cycling apparel and gear appropriate for the season

  • What to Bring: What tools are necessities on your ride

  • What to Look For: An overview of what to look for before hopping on your bike

  • Hit the Road: We enter the traffic pattern in Gowanus and explore various types of bikes lanes, and practice some techniques that will keep you safe

Adventure Cycling / bike camping CLASSES and trips

  • 3 free classes that will prepare you for our Shop Trip this July. Check out our Bike Camping With 718 page for class descriptions.


  • Building a wheel is probably the most complicated and at the same time most rewarding part of bike maintenance/building you can learn. This class is given in 2 parts. Part 1 is a demonstration/lesson with one of our wheelbuilders. Part 2 is the participant scheduling a time to  come back to build their wheel under the watchful eyes of the shop staff (parts available at a discount). This is an advanced endeavor, not to be approached casually. Required reading (coming soon)  is a mandatory prerequisite for entry to this class.

  • The class is a demonstration session. We discuss the ideas behind how a wheel holds together, as well as component selection and finally lacing and truing techniques. Required reading a prerequisite, this will be emailed to you.


  • At 718 Cyclery, we strive to maintain an environment that is friendly to whomever walks through the door, without question. This class serves to provide an environment where women can feel comfortable while learning about bike maintenance.


  • This class is a monthly offering where we go through the thought processes and parts selection for staring a bike project. With the parts laid out on, we then will go through the bike building processes, step by step. This is how many of us got our start, so definitely check this one out.