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You Can't Hammer a Nail Over the Internet

Now in our 10th year, 718 Cyclery is a full service bike shop in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Founded in 2008, our focus has always been working collaboratively with our customers. 718 Cyclery was founded on the principle that we are practitioners of 100+ year old technology, not the guardians of it.  We strive to create an environment where arrogance and attitude have no place. 718 Cyclery believes in diversity and inclusion, and we seek to interact with partners who share these beliefs.

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Welcome to The Bike Bag Market. This is not some fulfillment center in a re-purposed cornfield. We are a small shop in Brooklyn working hard to bring you some pretty cool things, both in-store or online.  These are bags we use and can recommend. We offer a great selection from some of the world’s top Bike Bag Makers. Free shipping (to lower 48 United States, use Promo Code FreeShip)

When pricing remains constant, you are now left with the choice of who you spend your money with.  Locally owned independent small business are the fabric of our neighborhoods, and provide economic lifts to our surroundings through taxes and employment.  Online mega-warehouse websites are the inverse.

Our Bag-of-the-Week drops Monday morning, and comes with Free Shipping, 10% off and a Bike Bag Market T-Shirt

Looking to rent gear? Check out The Bike Bag Market’s Rental Offerings here

“What, you don’t like my bags?”

“What, you don’t like my bags?”

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This list represents the brands we have close relationships with. In many instances, we have items from these brands in stock or online (Online Shop). If not, we can order anything at once, either in-shop, over the phone (347 457 5760) or via email (In-Progress)

TorbCoin Customer Loyalty Program

Very low-tech, collectible and fun…think of it as the opposite of BitCoin (whatever that is), more like Pogs. Each TorbCoin has a value on the back. Save up for some great items and perks. More info here.

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I often tell people who ask about the shop to simply check out our Instagram feed to find out who we really are

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