Nothing validated all that we do at 718 more than becoming a Jones Bikes dealer. Most anyone can carry the bars, but it is a special relationship that is consummated when one becomes a dealer of the frames and forks (we are one of 8 dealers in the US). Its a relationship where both parties get each other.

When we were internally discussing the idea of working with Jeff Jones, I had all of the 718 Crew watch his latest video, "Jeff Jones: a Man and His Bikes". Each one of us, at the completion of the video, said "I get it!". In a age of niche and specialization, Jones Bikes serve as an end-around to the whole process.

"A Jones is a high-performance non-suspended bicycle. The ride is both efficient and comfortable and the handling is immediate and assured. With the default choice for off-road cycling nowadays seemingly suspension before anything else, it might seem odd to ride rigid but that is the last thing my bicycles are – the geometry and construction provide an extremely satisfying and direct connection between the rider, the trail and the bike. It's pure cycling and a lot of fun."

The first step we usually go through at 718 when we starting working with a new bike/frame company is to get a frame in a build it up. This allows us to learn the ins-and-outs of the frame design, as well as leaves us with a great demo bike to test ride. If you are looking to test-ride the Jones Plus, or looking to have us spec out a parts list, please fill ouyt the form below.