Jones Bikes

A Jones is a high-performance non-suspended bicycle. The ride is both efficient and comfortable and the handling is immediate and assured. With the default choice for off-road cycling nowadays seemingly suspension before anything else, it might seem odd to ride rigid but that is the last thing my bicycles are – the geometry and construction provide an extremely satisfying and direct connection between the rider, the trail and the bike. It's pure cycling and a lot of fun.

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Jones Plus

The Plus has a long wheelbase for a smooth, confident, and comfortable ride, but that's not the whole story: the Jones Plus geometry keeps the handling quick and the bike nimble, making this the ultimate go anywhere and everywhere bike!  Whether it's a trip to the market, a ride on your favorite singletrack, or a trip across the country, this broadens the riding horizons, on or off road.

Jones 29

Short wheelbase framesets for a nimble, lively ride!  If you ride tight, technical terrain and want the most nimble bike to hop up, over, and around whatever features the trail brings, this is the bike for you! The Jones 29 also makes a great fat-tire road bike!