Metrofiets┬« are modern, sexy hand made cargo bikes built for people who want the best a cargo bike can offer. 

Fast, fun and easy to ride with the latest bells and whistles - those are the benefits that seem relatively obvious, but there's even more to it than a simple list of checkboxes on a tech sheet.  It's the feeling you get when you relaize that you will never have to hunt for a parking spot again, watching your kids experiencing sights they wouldn't see out of a car window as you zip around town, running into a friend along the way (or making a new one), finding treasures, becoming stronger and discovering a deeply rooted joy that comes from truly immersing yourself in the world around you. These are the hidden surprises waiting for you. 

We have worked hard to create the best cargo bike, period.  Fitted with solid components and adjustability where it counts - for riders of all sizes and skill levels.  Give a Metrofiets a try today, you'll be surprised by the comfy ride this big bike offers.  We won't tell your car, promise.