718 Cyclery's Micro-Tours are a quick way to escape the city on the weekend, on your bike. Meet at the shop on Saturday, meet new friends, ride to our destination, eat, camp, and return to the shop on Sunday. No work is missed, but worlds are opened up.

Looking for a longer Adventure, check out our Multi-Day Tours

2018 Micro-Tour (Tour) T-Shirt

Custom T-shirt listing all stops on our 2018 Micro-Tour season (including one site where we have been banned for life). Believe me, it was an over-reaction.

Grab a piece of history (note dates for Micro-Tour 6 were switched)

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These excursions are designed to provide an excellent format for a newer rider to explore adventure cycling in a safe, fun environment.. In addition, an advanced rider will enjoy discovering new destinations and new friends to ride with.

These flash trips are considered "unsupported". No hotels, no lobster, no one ferrying your bags across the river on their head. It's you, your bike, your gear and some fantastic like-minded people. If this sounds good to you, sign up below for our 2018 Micro-Tour Season.

Don't worry if you don't have all the gear.  Sign up for the trip. The next step is that we can help evaluate your set-up and help you acquire (purchase, rent, borrow) the pieces you might need. Don't let your apprehension about gear and distance riding get in your way...these trips are designed to provide an environment to get you up and going with people who care. The first step is the hardest. Rent bikes and gear from us here!


We have concluded our 2018 Micro-Tour Schedule. Please check back in November for our full Tour and Micro-Tour Schedule

Bike Shop Radio (Our very own Podcast)

Check out Episode 2 of Bike Shop Radio, with an in-dept story on Micro-Tours

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