718 Cyclery is founded on the principle that we are practitioners of 100+ year old technology, not the guardians of it. We strive to create an environment where arrogance and attitude have no place. These are bikes, and this should be fun

Better than the Internet

We hear much of the industry bemoan the ills of the internet. Do you know what a great shop has that the internet can never replicate?....great people!.

Sure, you might get that pedal for 15% cheaper online. The robot that puts your pedal in a box and ships it to doesn't care if you shoes are only drilled for SPD-L cleats....we do.


How do you create a place that people want to gather in? We work with 100+ year old technology, and nothing that we do is propriety. This whole operation could be figured out on YouTube. People gather because of other people, and because of trust and comfort (and couches and lamps)

Yes, Give it Away

Other shops have told me personally that we shouldn't be teaching people how to do things because they wont come back. I like hearing this.  I am glad to hear other shops believe this 1950's Main Street business model is still in existence, because I know we are swimming further and further away from them every day.

Sure, we could charge $5 for admission to one of our classes, but to us the bigger aspiration is building a community of loyal customer through peer-to-peer recommendations