Fatty Rumpkin 650B x 41 tire, Original, Green label

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Fatty Rumpkin Original, Green label, folding

This is our own design, a relatively light tire with high volume, smooth rolling on pavement, and a little grip on dirt. A good all-around town, touring, trail tire that wears so well that once you put it on, it’ll be there for for years. Folding bead to save 60g, but mainly to make it easier for you to take as a spare on tour, and easier for us to efficiently stock in the warehouse. High marks all around for this tire!

650B x 41mm. Inflate 30 to 65 psi. 480g.

Let’s say you weigh 180 and are riding it general purposely, with from zero to 15 pounds of load on relatively smooth streets. In that case, try, like, 40lbs. Bumpier roads, take it to 30lbs. Heavier rider or loads, 45 to 50. Even tho it says up to 65lbs, there’s never a need for that.

If you regularly ride through glass or goatheads, or store your bike outside in the Arizona sun, get the “up-armored” force field version.

Folding kevlar bead.

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