This is an unsupported trip from Pittsburgh to Washington DC (334.5 miles). It will follow the Great Allegheny Passage ("GAP") Trail from Pittsburgh to Cumberland (150.5 miles) and then pick up on the Chesapeake and Ohio ("C&O") Canal Towpath form Cumberland into Washington DC (184 miles). We have planned the trips for 32 riders and three 718 Tour Leaders. Please sign up here.


Classes and Preparation

We highly suggest signing up for the 3 free classes below in preparation for our Spring 2016 Tour

  • Spring Tour Class 01: "Intro to Touring", March 6th, 2016, Noon
  • Spring Tour Class 02: "Gear and Packing", March 27th, 2016, Noon
  • Spring Tour Class 03: "Physicality and Training", April 10th, 2016, Noon


The cost is $225/rider, which includes transport from Brooklyn to Pittsburgh on a tour bus, and tour leadership/support from three 718 Tour Leaders. Riders are responsible for their own food, and need to bring shelter as each night will be spent at a campsite along the route. Riders are responsible for travel costs from Washington DC to NYC at the end of the trip (we will make bus and train schedules available). 

We are hoping to camp at free campsites, but any costs for camping will also be shared.  


718 Cyclery is offering a 10% discount on any tour related purchases, from bikes, to bags, to tents...anything, really!

Itinerary (In-Progress)

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  • Day 01, Saturday May 7 (29.5 miles)
    • 6:00am Bus leaves from 718 Cyclery (254 3rd Ave, Brooklyn NY). Drive is scheduled for 6-1/2 hours.  
    • 1:00pm Bus Arrives in Pittsburgh. Upon arrival in Pittsburgh, bikes will get set up and the group will travel 27.5 miles east out of Pittsburgh to Dravo Landing Campsite - Buena Vista, PA, to spend the 1st night.
    • 4:00pm Arrive Dravo Landing Campsite - Buena Vista, PA
  • Day 02, Sunday May 8 (29.5 miles)
    • Destination: Confluence, PA
  • Day 03, Monday May 9 (58.5 miles)
    • Destination: Cumberland, MD
  • Day 04, Tuesday May 10 (62.5 miles)
    • Destination: Hancock, MD
  • Day 05, Wednesday May 11 (60 miles)
    • Destination: Harpers Ferry, WV
  • Day 06, Thursday May 12 (45 miles)
    • Destination: Potomac. MD
  • Day 07, Friday May 13 (14 miles)
    • Destination: Georgetown, DC
  • Day 08, Saturday May 14
  • Day 09, Sunday May 15

Maps and NAV