Free Membership

718 Cyclery is committed to supporting Transportation Alternatives' mission of making our streets and city safer. Every new bike purchase will come with a free 1-year membership to Transportation Alternatives. Check out the benefits of membership here. Customer will need to fill out card and mail in to activate membership.

Transportation Alternatives

Transportation Alternatives’ mission is to reclaim New York City's streets from the automobile and to promote bicycling, walking and public transit. With 100,000 active supporters and a committee of activists working locally in every borough, T.A. fights for the installation of infrastructure improvements that reduce speeding and traffic crashes, save lives and improve everyday transportation for all New Yorkers.

No More "Accidents"

  • Before the labor movement, factory owners would say "it was an accident" when American workers were injured in unsafe conditions.
  • Before the movement to combat drunk driving, intoxicated drivers would say "it was an accident" when they crashed their cars.
  • Planes don’t have accidents. They crash. Cranes don’t have accidents. They collapse. And as a society, we expect answers and solutions.
  • Traffic crashes are fixable problems, caused by dangerous streets and unsafe drivers. They are not accidents. Let’s stop using the word "accident" today.