Van Dessel Primo Ballerino

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As with all Van Dessels, each bike can be customized with many build kits and component options.  Please contact us at to get your Van Dessel project started. Primo Ballerinos start at $2999.

The Primo Ballerino lets you waltz through the trees with the exuberance of a fat man in a tight dress.  No, really what we have here is a high performance full carbon fat bike that has the agility and strength of a well trained ballerina.  As with all our bikes, performance is paramount, and with the versatility and smoothness that only 5" tires deliver, the Primo Ballerino guarantees to deliver an outstanding ride while turning the fun factor up to 11 no matter where you take it.

  • Carbon Fiber frame and fork so you don’t have to lose the weight in winter time
  • Carbon Fiber frame and fork so when you ride in your speedo on the beach you look uber stealthy
  • 5″ tire capacity
  • Tubeless ready wheels
  • Race proven geometry and carbon fiber lay-up schedule for a telepathic ride


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