2016 Yeti SB6c

The SB6c was built to excel on the toughest enduro tracks in the world and already has earned an EWS World Championship title under factory rider Jared Graves. Although it screams gravity, this bike is light, pedals well, and is tons of fun on the lifts or grinding out big days in the backcountry.

  • SB6c (FRAME), $3,500
  • SB6c GX, $5,966
  • SB6c X01, $6,999
  • SB6c XTR, $10,599
  • SB6c 30th - 2016, $9,000

Reviews, Geometry, Specs and Owner's Manual

2016 YETI SB5C

The SB5c is our interpretation of what a trail bike should be — lightweight, great pedaling uphill and a screamer going down. Coupled with our Switch Infinity suspension, this bike will make you smile.

  • SB5c (FRAME), $3,400
  • SB5c X01, $6,899
  • SB5c XTR, $10,499

2016 YETI SB5 enduro

We were able to take our best selling SB5c and modify the carbon fiber layup to produce a pure all-mountain bike at a great value. The frame maintains the stiffness and strength of the SB5c but gains 300 g. Rather than detune the build, we hung great parts on this rig — The SB5 Enduro is a trail shredder right out of the box.

  • SB5 Enduro GX, $4,499

2016 YETI SB4.5C

It was only a matter of time before we rolled out our Switch Technology in big wheels. The SB4.5c is optimized for 29" wheels and has a different personality than our other bikes. The pedaling platform is a little stiffer, so out of the saddle climbs feel effortless. Descending, it’s all trail bike — open it up and let the big wheels roll.

  • SB4.5c (FRAME), $3,400
  • SB4.5c X01, $6,899
  • SB4.5c XTR, $10,499

2016 YETI asr-c

The ASRc is a cross-country race machine with an enduro alter-ego. We have optimized every part of the frame to achieve an incredibly lightweight frame (4.2 lbs), so it rockets efficiently uphill. Point it down and it’s all enduro.

  • ASR-c (FRAME), $2,900
  • ASR-c X01, $5,799
  • ASR-c XTR, $9,699

2016 YETI ASR enduro

When we launched the ASRc last year, the frame was touted for being exceptionally light and was embraced by the racing community for its climbing prowess and impeccable trail manners. Our engineers were able to rework our carbon layups to offer an ASR with the same strength and stiffness, but slightly heavier (+300g) and impressively priced.

  • ASR ENDURO GX, $3,699

2016 YETI Arc

Twenty years of ARC racing heritage has culminated into the perfect blend of carbon fiber, big wheels, and xc race geometry that inspires confidence on every section of the course. Fast rolling 29" wheels on the med, large and x-large. The x-small and small sizes feature appropriate 27.5" wheels for better maneuverability and fit for smaller riders.

  • ARC (FRAME), $2,000
  • ARC GX, $3,699
  • ARC X01, $4,799
  • ARC XTR, $8,6799

2016 SB5c Beti

The SB5c Beti was built for hard-charging women who are looking for the ideal trail bike. It features our award winning SB5c frame with Switch Infinity suspension and customized women's specific

  • ARC X01, $6,899

2016 YETI ASR-C Beti

The ASRc Beti is our lightest full-suspension bike and features hand selected women's specific components and custom tuned suspension. In order to accommodate smaller riders, we built the x-small and small sizes around 27.5" wheels. The medium and large sizes have bigger 29" hoops.

  • ASR-C X01, $5,799